Our approach

Atang logistics aims to create long-term value for all stakeholders. Sustainability for Atang logistics implies the sustainability of the business as a whole, with particular emphasis on governance, social and environmental issues.

The company strives to ensure that its operations have a minimal adverse impact on the surrounding environment and communities, and that the social and economic developments foster an enduring legacy for all stakeholders. By engaging with all key communities and identified stakeholders, Atang logistics seeks to establish crucial social relationships so to promote the constructive and expeditious resolution of environmental and community concerns.

We have invested significant effort in developing and implementing an extensive and comprehensive safety and worksafe environment at all of our workplaces. We aim to establish and maintain a safety, health and environmental management structure in compliance with legislated requirements and in accordance with accepted industry practice. We strive to:

  • Prevent injury to employees and contractors through a zero harm policy;
  • Prevent or minimise any adverse impact arising from our activities;
  • Promote good relationships with all stakeholders;
  • Demonstrate active stewardship of land and biodiversity;
  • Respect people's culture and heritage.