People Philosophy

Atang logistics is an employer that is dedicated to equal opportunity and to creating

a pleasant working environment where talent and dedication is rewarded and excellence in all we do is promoted as a management principle.

At Atang logistics we regard people as the biggest asset of the organisation. We have a passion for people and the task of working with the people of Atang logistics. In our conduct with our people, we value confidentiality and treat all levels of people with the same respect, care, diplomacy and empathy. We strive to treat others with openness, flexibility, consistency and honesty, just like we want to be treated.

We are always valuing integrity in ourselves as well as in others. As far as possible we communicate with sensitivity but also with assertiveness, to enable empowerment of the people of Atang logistics, chasing the goals and

driven by the purpose of the company’s founding ideals.

At Atang logistics we always remember to have fun, both in business and at

leisure, while never neglecting our duty towards safety, production and the prosperity of our company and its people.

Both every single Atang Logistics employee and the teams of the company do

their very best to ensure the success of our customers: starting with the product idea, specification, (further) development, quality assurance, testing via market introduction, implementation, personal customer and introductory talks up to competent after-sales support and assistance in the daily business routine.


Here, the various departments of the company are given a face and are introduced with their employees, scope of functions, and tasks.



Atang is a 100% black empowerment company. We enjoy steady growth in our cargo hauling operations, which allows us to create more employment opportunities in our business, and to make a tangible and sustainable contribution to the growth of the South African economy.





Mpho Moshimane

Mpho Moshimane is an accredited international trader who heads up the Procurement and Marketing Departments at Atang. With over 10 years experience in the banking, tourism and logistics industries. Atang Logistics offers an intricate understanding of transportation services, international trade and the marketing required in the business, as a result of Mpho's expertise.



Lebogang Moshimane

Lebogang Moshimane leads technical logistics operations at Atang. His business background and 15 years of hands-on experience in the cargo and transport sector have driven Atang Logistics to the impressive level on which it finds itself today.



Neo Ralebitso

Neo Ralebitso oversees all legal aspects of the company. She was admitted as an attorney in 2002 and her areas of expertise include, inter alia, mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital markets and competition law. Neo worked in corporate finance at JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank, at Webber Wentzel Bowens and as a legal advisor for Absa Bank before joining the Atang team to head its legal department.