How we achieve cost-effective logistics

At Atang Logistics, we practice a multi-faceted strategy that allows us to provide freight hauling at extremely competitive prices. We never limit our approach to transport. Whether it's ownership of our own trucking fleet, outsourcing of alternative freight forwarders, or pooling resources, you get the best cargo-carrying plan in the industry.

Highest standards in transport training

Our employees are trained to the highest standards in the transportation and freight market and we constantly update this training to ensure it is relevant to the industry and in line with the latest logistics trends. Just as we invest in our staff, we invest in our equipment, using the latest technology in commodities procurement and trucking.

Focused on transporter and staff safety

The safety of our drivers and the reliability of our fleet are fundamental to our business. We provide the best health and safety training in line with the principles of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This training addresses driver fatigue and speed management training, as well as truck and trailer maintenance.We also offer our drivers lifestyle management and quality control training.