Customised transport solutions

Atang Logistics is a market leader in transport logistics and procurement in Africa and Southern Africa. With Atang you get tailor-made logistics and transportation solutions anywhere on the continent – from order to delivery.

Be it dry bulk commodities, large capital equipment, construction supplies or consumable goods, we procure and haul commodities for you. And we pride ourselves on impeccable freight logistics and service, every time.

Solid relationships. Solid logistics

Seamless supply chain solutions are essential to

a successful business in a globalised economy, and Atang Logistics provides procurement and trucking to suit all client needs.


Your exact transportation and cargo needs are understood and executed and your business will benefit significantly from a freight forwarding solution that meets those needs.


Atang achieves this by drawing on solid, dependable relationships, cultivated over more than 20 years in the transport industry.

Quick, efficient and cost-sensitive

Using best practices in the trucking industry and the highest standards in logistics and transport, Atang achieves flawless timing, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for every project.


Our clients get the best supply chain solutions for their specific business, with innovative applications to freight logistics.



Road freight Management Solutions.


The competition in the logistics sector is forever increasing. We at Atang logistics have invested in state of the art technology to ensure that we stay competitive and have efficient transport processes that reduce fuel, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions.


Our telematics systems help us optimise the entire transport chain of our entire fleet. The position of each vehicle can be identified via satellite at any time.


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